LSHS Vision

Our VISION is to build a community of lifelong learners who become responsible individuals, independent thinkers, and productive citizens in a global society.

LSHS Mission

We will serve our community with excellence by:
*Helping our students reach their potential as we prepare them for college and career in a safe and supportive environment
*Recruiting, cultivating and retaining the best teachers, staff and administrators
*Providing a challenging curriculum and relevant learning opportunities
*Providing the highest quality instructional resources and tools
*Fostering a culture of continuous improvement

LSHS Belief

We believe that we must:

Understand how children and adults learn and continue learning.

Build communities of lifelong learners.

Cultivate the leadership potential of every employee, student and parent in our school system.

Be creative, energetic visionaries who respond quickly to diverse and evolving issues.

Meet the diverse needs of all stakeholders (students, parents, employees and community).

Maintain efficient and effective administrative processes for instruction, operations, human resources and sound fiscal management.

History of Lithia Springs High School

Until December 2nd, 1975, our community had only one high school, Douglas County High School, which opened in the late 1930s. By 1974 the secondary school population had grown to over 3,000 students, far too many for the existing buildings of DCHS to accommodate in a regular school day. So beginning in August 1974, the county had to resort to double sessions. This meant that those students designated to attend Lithia Springs HS would attend the afternoon session, starting at about 11:00 and going until about 5:30. Construction and weather problems delayed the grand opening of LSHS until December, 1975.

In the forty-plus years since, Lithia has had its share of distinguished alumni and alumnae, ranging from a nationally-known actor to an Olympic medalist to graduates of all the major military academies and most ivy-league universities. We've had students who have earned doctorates in physics, computer science, medicine, and dentistry, among other disciplines. Lithia has also had numerous state champions, both individual and team, athletic and academic. Furthermore, LSHS has been home to a distinguished faculty who have also earned their share of advanced degrees, Fulbright and National Endowment for the Humanities scholarships, etc.

Lithia Lions can hold their heads high and be proud of the heritage of their school, one of the premier schools in the county!

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