For Ladies Only

For Ladies Only

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***2020-2021 ENROLLMENT CRITERIA has changed due to COVID-19.  Please email to ask for an invitation to the FLO GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  This is where you will fill out an interest form online.   

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For Ladies Only F.L.O.


FLO: For Ladies Only

Mission: To empower young ladies to envision a positive self-concept and attract positive societal experiences as successful women in society.

Vision: To establish a community of socially responsible and confident young ladies who set goals, and make concrete steps to achieve success in their life-long aspirations, homes, and communities.


© To encourage and promote academic success in school.

© To cultivate a mindset which connects academic success to career and life fulfillment.

© To inspire young women to dream and fulfill dreams beyond their expectations and those of others.

© To advise the importance of hygiene, proper etiquette, balanced nutrition, and good health.

© To motivate self-trust and confidence.

© To build a foundation for positive intra and inter relational interaction and communication.

Core Areas of Focus:

I. The Academic Profession (Bridging School & Career)

II. The Dream Pursuit (Aspirations & Goal Planning)

III. The Painted Picture (Health, Hygiene, and Etiquette)

IV. The Mirror Image (Self-Esteem, Self-Reliance, and Positive Outlook)

V. The Relationship Toolbox (Personal, Familial, and *Intimate Relationships)

*Licensed professionals and certified teachers in the area of health will be secured to address potentially sensitive subject matter that may arise. Parents and guardians will be given advance notice of content, and can opt out of participation in this area of the program if desired.

***2020-2021 ENROLLMENT CRITERIA has changed due to COVID-19.  Please email to ask for an invitation to the FLO GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  This is where you will fill out an interest form online.   

Enrollment criteria:

I. F.L.O. is accepting applications from Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who represent the highest achieving and well-mannered members of the school community. Refer to the attached calendar for deadlines. To indicate interest, report to the following to pick up your application and recommendation forms:

· Vanessa Gittens B-105

II. All interested applicants must exhibit a passion to succeed in areas of personal interest, and overall life skills. Applicants are expected to write an essay of 500+ words on one of the following topics:

© What is your life story? What lessons have you learned so far that you plan to apply in your daily life as an adult?

© Does a girl's child-rearing automatically determine her life as a young woman? Is it possible to have a different life than what you've experienced or seen in your home, or exhibited by other family members?

III. Applicants must have passing grades in all classes at time of enrollment. Each student is responsible for providing F.L.O. sponsors with monthly progress reports to continue participation in the program. Progress reports will provide documentation of academic progress and satisfactory conduct.

IV. Students must exhibit respectful behavior throughout the school and local community. Applicants must provide three (3) references from persons who have known you for at least one year. The references must be and can include any combination of the following: a school administrator, a teacher, employer, and/or community service representative. A form is attached for your convenience.

V. Applicants will participate in a brief interview with the FLO Sponsor(s), school counselor, and one additional staff member.

VI. Upon acceptance into organization, you will be asked to pay membership dues of $50 for the school year of application. These dues will cover your Welcome Kit including organization paraphernalia, curriculum binder, and special gifts throughout the school year.

FLO declarations

© I promise to be a lady who exemplifies respect, honesty, and reliability.

© I promise to be true to my own unique identity as I interact with others.

© I promise to demonstrate to others all the characteristics that a lady embodies.

© I promise to be attentive to my personal appearance and hygiene so that it reflects cleanliness and maturity.

© I promise to represent the leaders and educators within my school and local community at all times.

© I promise to be a source of support and motivation for my sisters of FLO.

© I promise to be an asset to my community, and even the world through my achievements.

© I promise to exchange every negative life experience into a stepping stone towards my current and future success.

FLO membership guidelines

I. Members agree to abide by all policies set forth by the Douglas County School System, and the addendums that are pertinent to Lithia Springs High School under the leadership of our principal, Dr. Garrick Askew.

II. Each member will uphold the statutes of the FLO Declarations.

III. Members are expected to attend regular meetings and events that occur at least once monthly. Meetings will be held bi-monthly after school on Thursdays from 4-5pm.

IV. Failure to comply with membership guidelines (i.e. not attending events/meetings, poor student grades or conduct unbecoming of a FLO member) will result in program probation or outright dismissal.

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