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Robin Thompson


***PLEASE SEE THE Summer Reading assignments for ALL Honors and AP English classes under the "Summer Reading" tab.***

Welcome to my English Literature & Composition class! 

Contact Information/Availability:
Please email me at [email protected] between 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM if you have any questions.

Classroom Phone: (770) 651-6787


2023-2024 Class Schedule:
Semester 1:
Block 1: Honors British Literature & Composition
Block 2: Honors 10th Grade Literature & Composition
Block 3: A.P. English Language & Composition
Block 4: Planning

Semester 2:
Block 1: Planning    
Block 2: Honors British Literature & Composition   
Block 3: A.P. English Language & Composition
Block 4: Honors 10th Grade Literature & Composition 

Join Remind
 (Students AND parents are encouraged to join):

Semester 1 (Fall 2023):

AP Lang: Text the message @langlithia to the number 81010.
Honors British Lit/Comp: Text the message @fallbrit23 to the number 81010.
Honors 10th Grade Lit/Comp: Text the message @10lshsfall to the number 81010.

Semester 2 (Spring 2024): 
AP Lang: Text the message @24lang to the number 81010.  
Honors British Lit/Comp: 
Text the message @lbrit24lshs to the number 81010.
Honors 10th Grade Lit/Comp: Text the message @10honors24 to the number 81010. 

Summer Reading Assignment: *All Honors and AP students are expected to complete a Summer Reading Assignment.  This assignment is due August 25th, 2023 no matter which semester your student is scheduled to take the course. Assignments not received on August 25th, 2023, will lose 10 points per week until September 15th, when it becomes a zero.  If your student has not accessed the Summer Reading Assignment, please encourage them to do so at the following link: 2023-2024 Summer Reading Assignment
To turn in your Summer Reading Assignment: 1) Navigate to Classlink at 2) Click on the TurnItIn app icon 3) Join your TurnItInClass using the credentials given by your teacher