Meeting Agendas

Welcome to the August Meeting for the National Beta Club!

August 21 2019

  • Attendance Policy, Attendance at each month's general meeting is mandatory. Members that fail to attend will have points deducted and after three missed meetings the member is inactive. You must attend every afternoon meetings. It is mandatory to be an active member. If you cannot be an active member due to other obligations, then you may need to rethink the Beta Club. It is the highest Academic Club in the U.S. Betas are leaders and they are to assume those leadership skills. Plan and mark your calendars. We all have schedules and things to do.   
  • If you do not show up to the monthly meetings, you will not be an active member and will not be able to participate in club activities. 
  • Betas cannot have any office referrals, detentions, etc... 
  • "We lead by serving others." 
  • Need all emails and phone numbers for each member (please do so if you have not yet). This is how you will receive important info. 
  • BETA Remind/ make sure everyone is aware and if not show the code. 

                           House Rules: 

     •Please enter quietly, sign in, sit quietly, and wait for instructions. 

       Do not use your cellphone when someone is speaking unless permission is given. 
  • Do not talk when someone else is speaking. (Do not be a disruption). 
  • Do not yell and /or call out when you are not addressed. 
  • Most importantly respect each other and yourself. 
  • Remember – no behavior issues, you must be an active member and keep your GPA up!


Today's agenda 

  • Officers introduce themselves
  • Sponsors introduce themselves
  • Old members introduce themselves
  • Please submit your dues by September 30th 2019. new member $25 and old members

Profile for BETAs and good standing for our BETAs

New BETA members that need to

be inducted next year

  1. Desaray Anderson (pending payment)
  2. Nia Freeman (paid)
  3. Graham Mark (pending payment)
  4. Akayla Irving (pending payment)
  5. Kayla Andrews (pending payment)
  6. Angenie Degeon (pending payment)
  7. Marcal Bodden (pending payment)
  8. Jerrod Leverette (pending payment)
  9. Demeara Hinds (paid)
  10. Aiyanna Broughton (pending payment)
  11. Ariah Williams (pending payment)
  12. Amirikah Johnson (paid)
  13. Nia Simon (Pending payment)
  14. Remiah Jones (pending payment)
  15. Ward Audrey (pending payment)
  16. 16. OM. J. Patel (paid)
  17. Shiv K. Patel (paid)
  18. Kennedy Hill (paid)
  19. Shriji Patel (paid)

Old members transfer-over

Carmen Aguilar

TJ. Anitak

Afrah Ayim-Darko

Jakari Barnett

Regan Brooks Hutto

Philip Drew Cook

Amari Daniels

Leilani Guadalupe Hayden

Shanice Muller

Ayim-Darko Nyamewaa (Nana)

Ronit Patel

Sjidah Phillips

Hector Sanchez

Rebecca Scarbrough (re-apped)

Jamie Scott

Sean Sprinkle

Dennis Summer

Asisullah Mediena – (re-apped)

Chloe Sullivan (needs to get inducted)

Smith Jalen

  • TECH UP and Navigate to the Lithia BETA website in order to acclimate yourselves with the website
  • Please save some important dates for our meetings that you need to attend:
  • 1st meeting – August 21st 2019
  • 2nd meeting – September 18th 2019
  • 3rd meeting – October 16th 2019

4th meeting – Friday Xmas in Lithia (November 8th 2019)

5th meeting – January 15th 2020

6th meeting – February 19th 2020 – Induction ceremony for new members

7th meeting – March 18th 2020

8th meeting – April 15th 2020

9th meeting – May Honors night


  • sign up with the remind
  • 5 points will be deducted for every missed  meeting
  • Minutes and attendance will be collected, typed and sent to  Ms. Lekkou at [email protected] and Ms. Mitchell at [email protected] by the 3 BETA officers the day after our meeting. This is a student leaders' driven club and sponsors should not be the only ones running the show
  • Fundraiser discussion for fall 
  • Xmas in Lithia
  • Work ethics and academic honesty

This meeting is adjourned

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