African Student Association (ASA)

African Student Association

Lithia Springs High School ASA strives to learn about and promote different cultures and ethnicities. The club is open to all students and faculty of Lithia Springs High School. One must be a member to participate in all activities associated with the club. 

The Mission and Purpose of the Club is to: 

1.) Bring together students within the school and other prospective students across Douglas
County with the purpose of providing support for students and the community.
2.) Build a community for students as well as faculty to relate to other students/members
from similar backgrounds.
3.) Raise awareness through various events by creating awareness of these problems while
aiming to achieve the goal of fundraising and finding solutions. The amount of money
raised through events and fundraisers will be used for the advancement of the club and its
4.) Educate students about the various cultures in Africa, while highlighting different aspects
of the continent. We will also work to clarify the difference between Africans and African