Course Syllabus, Tutoring, AP Info and Potential Helpful Websites
Course Syllabus for each course I will be teaching this Semester.

Honors Algebra Syllabus Macecevic Spring  

AP Statistics and AP Precalculus Students Must Read and Know

AP Precalculus Syllabus
AP Statistics Syllabus 
Note all students have access to FREE 24/7 math tutoring using the FEV Tutor icon through Classlinks - along with in person tutoring on Thursdays 3:15pm - 3:45pm

Potential Helpful Websites:

Let's Look Ahead or Review Independently for Algebra 1

Looking for Extra Algebra I Practice use iXL Algebra I

Let's Look Ahead or Review Independently for AP PreCalculus 

Looking for Extra PreCalculus Practice use iXL

Desmos - Graphing Calculator (Use this website or app as your at home Graphing Calculator for all Mathematics Classes):

MathPortal - Additional calculators (Use this website as a resource for additional free calculators, formulas and lessons):

Potential Helpful Videos for most math topics - Subscribe and take the time to search by popular or latest:   patrickJMT - YouTube

Let's look Ahead or Review Independently for AP Statistics 
Jason Molesky’s StatsMonkey

Luke Wilcox’s TheStatsMedic website:

Dashiell Young-Saver’s Skew The Script website:

Annenberg Learner - Against All Odds, Inside Statistics video series:

Rossman and Chance

StatKey applets:

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

Content videos (goes beyond the scope of AP Statistics)

American Statistical Association:


Classifying Statistics Problems